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At Equilibrium Air Conditioning we are a wholly Australian owned and operated premium provider of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

With a reputation for creative design and professional service, we are committed to developing innovative air conditioning and ventilation solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the Australian Commercial market.

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Why your air conditioner needs regular maintenance and servicing

Just as your company vehicles require regular maintenance and servicing, your HVAC system needs the same care and attention. Given that your commercial air conditioning system is keeping your staff and customers comfortable for extensive periods of time each day, it makes sense to be vigilant and attentive when it comes to this investment.
The three main reasons for air conditioning servicing and maintenance are:

Extending the lifespan of the system

Air conditioning is a significant financial outlay for any commercial enterprise. Any time you invest heavily, you want a decent return. In order to get the most out of your HVAC system, and have it last as long as possible, you’ll want to have it regularly serviced. Servicing and maintenance will keep the unit running at peak efficiency, and prevent small problems from becoming larger ones. It’s estimated that regular servicing can extend the lifespan of an air conditioning system by up to five years.

Reducing running costs by maintaining peak energy efficiency

By ensuring that all parts are clean and functioning correctly, a unit can run without difficulty, which means it will consume less energy. Less energy consumption translates to lower electricity bills and reduced running costs. In a commercial setting, the air conditioning is typically used for lengthy periods of time, and the energy savings from having a healthy, well-maintained unit will be significant.

Preventing costly repairs by catching problems early

Just as catching problems with your system early will help it to last longer, it will also save you some money. Some issues are minor and inexpensively fixed when caught early. If they are allowed to continue, the problem becomes worse, and the solution is always more work and more money. Prevent huge repair bills by having your system serviced and maintained on a regular basis.
If you are a Facilities Manager or Building Owner, you’ll want to know your HVAC system is in good hands. At Equilibrium Air conditioning, we pride ourselves on making this experience fairly ‘autopilot’ and easy for our clients. Our technicians are in constant communication with our management team and our expert mechanical engineers to ensure you receive maintenance solutions of the highest quality. Our services can be tailored to suit your commercial needs and budget.
We have highly trained and qualified technicians, fully acquainted with all mechanical, refrigeration and ventilation systems, and we are authorised by ARCtick. We are on call 24/7 to provide reliable breakdown services and can assist in any emergency situation, getting your unit back up and running in as little time as possible.
If you’re wanting to invest in a quality commercial air conditioning system, or you’re interested in our maintenance and servicing packages, feel free to contact Equilibrium Air conditioning today on (02) 9439 4822. We encourage you to protect your investment in air conditioning equipment through proper care. In doing this, you’ll have a reliable, energy efficient system for years to come.

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Equilibrium supports the Tour de PIF and the ride to fight MS

There are many worthy causes around and we know it is important to regularly ‘get on your bike’ for charity, excuse the pun. At Equilibrium Air Conditioning, we believe in giving back to the community. Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to support a couple of people who literally ‘got on their bike’ for extremely worthy causes, the Tour de PIF Charity Ride and the MS Sydney to the Gong Ride.
Tour de PIF
Equilibrium was happy to sponsor one of our project partners from Built as he participated in the 2018 Tour de PIF charity ride on Friday, October 19th, raising vital funds for young, homeless Australians. Across Australia, there are 44,000 young people who are homeless and sleeping on our streets each night. We believe Australia to be a lucky and prosperous country, and yet this is an extremely confronting statistic in regards to our youth. In conjunction with the Property Industry Foundation, Built and other industry members would like to tackle the issue, and provide a way for helping young people to rebuild their lives.
All funds raised from the Tour de PIF event go towards the PIF House Program which builds homes and provides care for vulnerable children and youth. They have set a goal of building 125 bedrooms from 2017-2022, and we would love to see this achieved. Well done to the approximate 300 riders, and 270 walkers who took on Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and the Central Coast, raising a record amount of $350,000!!
MS Sydney to the Gong Ride
On Sunday 4th November, another project partner from Multiplex participated in the MS Sydney to the Gong ride with his team, “Lower North Shore Krankies”, raising much needed funds for Multiple Sclerosis. We were, once again, happy to sponsor the efforts of one of our valued project partners in raising funds for a worthy cause. Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating illness impacting the lives of around 25,600 Australians.
A popular event over the last 37 years, the Sydney to the Gong attracts cyclists from all walks of life to support their friends and family members who are battling MS. In 2018, an impressive $3,026,848 was raised and will be donated to help provide vital services and support for those living with multiple sclerosis. What a fantastic achievement.
As 2018 draws to a close, we feel grateful for the many opportunities we have had throughout the year to give back to the community that we love. As a business, we try to help where we can in lending a hand to those who need it most, and we look forward to the many projects and events and causes that will come our way in 2019. We wish everyone a Happy and Safe Christmas, and a fantastic start to the New Year.

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Why we need to actively work to reduce our carbon footprint

At Equilibrium Air Conditioning, we believe in sustainable practices that will reduce our carbon footprint, and preserve our beautiful planet for generations to come. We believe commercial industries have an obligation to the environment, which is why we are proud to partner with Green Building Council Australia, and consistently work towards Ecological Sustainable Development (ESD) principles. All our projects are designed and constructed with sustainability factored in. We have Green Star accreditation, ensuring we remain current on the latest innovations and technology pertaining to our industry.
If the carbon footprint left behind by your business is not something you’ve previously given much thought to, now is the time to make some changes. What, exactly, is your carbon footprint? It’s the amount of greenhouse gas you/your business is personally responsible for. Greenhouse gases are directly responsible for global warming and climate change. At Equilibrium, all project managers are held responsible for ensuring that each project is assessed for reduction in energy consumption and that waste is minimised. This allows us to significantly decrease the carbon footprint resulting from building our HVAC systems.
The reality is, there’s a lot of everyday activities that increase greenhouse gases. For example, cooking our food and even breathing will release small amounts in to the air each day. Your food, clothing, transport and entertainment choices within your personal life also have great impact on our environment. These can all be managed to reduce your personal footprint, but what can commercial entities do to reduce theirs? It is a known fact that corporations make higher contributions to C02 emissions entering our atmosphere each day/year. However, if we are going to try and combat global warming and climate change, businesses need to do what they can to respect our environment and reduce this effect.
Not only is sustainability a moral obligation for businesses, there are legal obligations as well. For detailed information on the current Australian Environmental legislation, licences and permits, read here. The pressure to make changes to business practice will only continue as the problem becomes more and more imperative to address. Some businesses have even found that employing environmentally friendly practices, such as utilising alternative energy sources, has even reduced production and operating costs. There is much to look forward to when it comes to embracing “green” business practices.
Essentially, if we don’t start to actively reduce our carbon footprint soon, climate change will one day become disastrous. Maybe not in our own lifetime, but future generations will have live with the consequences of our actions. Experts predict that eventually, Earth’s temperature will continue to rise and become uncontrollable. Our ozone layer will then be in danger of vanishing, at which point we have no protection from harmful UV sun rays. This will make Earth virtually uninhabitable. Ice in Antarctica will melt, resulting in rising sea levels and a worldwide flood. Sounds like a Hollywood blockbuster, doesn’t it? As you can imagine, it’s pretty bleak.
The good news is, it isn’t too late to start focusing on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. It’s not too late to prioritise the environment, and even though it takes some effort, it can be done. If you’d like to know more about our own efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of our HVAC productions, or if you’d like to invest in this area using a company that is Green Star Certified, please contact our friendly team on (02) 9439 4822.

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