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At Equilibrium Air Conditioning we are a wholly Australian owned and operated premium provider of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

With a reputation for creative design and professional service, we are committed to developing innovative air conditioning and ventilation solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the Australian Commercial market.

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Property Management – Clearing the Air

2020 has been a difficult year for many Australians, but it has also been a challenging year for managing and maintaining clean air, particularly in large buildings. There has never been a more important time for commercial and large domestic properties to effectively manage air conditioning.
While the World Health Organization’s understanding is that COVID19 is not transmissible through air conditioning but rather, it’s mainly spread through respiratory droplets, the community is hyper-aware of the environment, cleanliness and the need for fresh air in our homes and workplaces.
A key consideration moving forward from this point is the change in the habits or building occupants. The prevalence of working from home has increased very significantly and while there will be an adjustment, it is very likely that a greater number of people will continue to work from home into the future.
Managing the perceptions of tenants as they relate to cleanliness and fresh air is very important at this time. While we understand that the filters used in apartment building air conditioning are not likely to be fine enough to make an impact on the transmission of a virus, many of our customers have commenced replacing filters and cleaning ducts more often, to both improve overall health conditions, and to maintain the confidence of their tenants.
As we transition from the colder months to summer, another consideration may be the introduction of more fresh air into the existing system in your building. With more people working from home, the expectations of tenants are likely to change. Increased efficiently and effectiveness will likely become a consideration for tenants and residents alike.
The Equilibrium team are highly experienced in the engineering, installation, management and servicing of air conditioning specific to the application of large resident and commercial buildings.
Our experienced technicians are on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide a reliable service that ensures your building has safe and efficient air flow.

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Air-conditioning in Winter – what you need to know to keep your workplace safe

After hot weather earlier in the year, air conditioners have surely done their fair share of hard work. But is it time for them to really have a well needed rest? Well that answer depends on the level of comfort needed by your staff, customers or patients and the list goes on. So the answer is probably a big no, but what do you need to do for your hard working machines?
Getting your air conditioner serviced is the best way to prevent any lag of air comfort and above all this will help keep the air temperature optimal for a healthy working environment.
As commercial systems are tailored for more complex use, maintenance is higher compared to residential air conditioning units. Commercial air conditioning units need more highly-skilled technicians to ensure accurate installation, maintenance and repairs.
Some of the benefits of a proper air conditioning service are:

Energy efficiency
Reliable temperature
Promotes comfort
Saves costly repairs

At Equilibrium, our technicians are in constant communication with our expert mechanical engineers and management team to ensure maintenance solutions are comprehensive and sensitive to the client’s budget and operational specifications.
Highly qualified, our service technicians are trained in, and fully conversant with, all mechanical, refrigeration and ventilation systems. We are authorised by ARCtick.
Our experienced technicians are on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide a reliable service that ensures your workplace is safe and comfortable.
Phone: (02) 9439 4822 OR After hours Phone: 0422 446 088 (5pm – 6am)
Email: [email protected]

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COVID 19 Equilibrium Response

As the COVID 19 Crisis emerged, the whole of Australia and the world was coming to terms with the situation. As the world has had to adapt to new ways of doing business, Equilibrium Air Conditioning has been taking the situation very seriously and is putting new policies and procedures in place to keep everyone safe. Some of the things we are doing as an organisation:

Social distancing on site
Masks and gloves on site
Working from home – those employees that are able to work from home (using video conferencing for meetings and other means of technology)
We are using “whatsapp” on sites for getting information to workers on various projects i.e. pre-starts and toolboxes to prevent gatherings of staff and subcontractors.
Regular updates and reminders via email
Minimise the number of employees working in the two offices – they are spread out
For those working in the office we have set up three hand sanitiser stations
Increased the number of days the offices are cleaned

If you are needing some information about COVID 19 & support, please logon to the Australian department of Health website –  https://headtohealth.gov.au/covid-19-support/covid-19
From everyone at Equilibrium Air Conditioning we hope that you all stay safe and help our great National overcome this crisis as soon as possible.

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