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February 2nd, 2016 by

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Last year Equilibrium sponsored Ivan as he decided to go on the journey of a lifetime and cycle 425kms across Cambodia with Project Features! We recently caught up with Ivan to hear all about his adventure – Here’s what Ivan has to say!


“Last year thanks to Equilibrium Air Conditioning who were my major sponsor, I was lucky enough to complete an adventure of a life time cycling 425 kms across Cambodia with Project Futures. Project Futures is a non for profit charity which raises money to end human trafficking, sexual exploitation and slavery. The team of twenty three cyclists raised collectively 170 000 dollars towards this great cause.

The purpose of the cycle was to raise our own personal awareness of the issue by meeting the very people we were raising money to help. In between cycling 3-7 hours a day in close to 40 degree heat and dense humidity we visited local centres we supported. They ranged from interventional rescue missions which rescued girls as young as six and seven from the sex trade to another organisation which helped to reintegrate rescued people and orphans back into the community.


It’s very easy to be disconnected in today’s digitally connected world, the issue here is that as humans we connect to people mostly we meet in our own lives. Hence cycling through Cambodia experiencing the beauty and hospitality of the country and its people and then seeing some of the major issues organisations on the ground were fighting to improve was life changing. I cannot describe the intensity of the experience. It is something that truly everyone needs to experience. Whatever cause you support, go there and witness it yourself, meet the people, eat the food, laugh, cry and share our common human experience. 



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What an amazing adventure!! If you are interested in joining Ivan in any future adventures, visit the link below and you too can support Project Features and their amazing cause! http://projectfutures.com/internationalchallenges/


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